The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus, which is commonly called COVID-19, is an infections disease causing illness in the respiratory system in humans. It is a new virus that is impacting the whole world badly as it is spreading primarily through contact with other people.

COVID-19 was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in China. In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. COVID-19 is now causing of large number of deaths across the world.Till now, no proper drug or vaccine has been found.

How does COVID-19 spread? 

It spreads from person to person among those in close contact (within about 6 feet or 2 meters). The virus spreads by respiratory droplets generated from the cough or sneeze of a COVID-19 patient.


COVID-19 symptoms can be very mild to severe. Some people have no symptoms. The most common symptoms are fever, dry cough and breathing problems. Apart from this, symptoms like fatigue, sore throat, muscle pain and loss of taste or smell can also seen corona virus patients.

Prevention of COVID-19

  1. Wash hands regularly with soap or sanitizer.

  2. Avoid unnecessarily outings on public places.

  3. Maintain a distance of at least 5-6 feet from a sick person or if somebody has symptoms.

  4. Maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness.

  5. Cover your nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing.

  6. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

  7. Wear masks.

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The Coronavirus is one of the most severe issues that is being faced by people around the world. It is necessary that we come out of this situation as soon as possible. So people should stay informed and maintain a good hygiene.

Together we can all contribute to an end of this pandemic.

Stay safe, stay healthy!!

Bildquelle: wix.com

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