Summer poems

Our tenth graders composed beautiful poems in their project course. They wrote about summer, but also about the current times and their impact on us. Enjoy reading!

It is summer…..

Looking through the window,

noticing it‘s warm outside,

happiness should flood my body.

Should I call someone?

Maybe go for a walk.

Oh, better no!

I don‘t want to talk.

I throw myself back on my pillow: When did I become so lazy?

It‘s summer.

Everybody should be outside,

but the light in my body has not arrived.

Only darkness in me,

the beautiful flowers cannot change my mind.



It‘s summer

that time of the year.

Everything is pretty,

everything is alive – like a late-night ride.

People come together

to live their best life.

Feeling of happiness

running through our veins,

keeping us occupied

getting us through the night.


Good times are here

Good times are here -

me and my friends

on the beach somewhere.

Warm weather and late nights,

everything comes alive.

Everybody has a good time,

loud music and cool vibes.

Summer is here,

the best time of my life.


Summer is coming

It‘s summer.

The sun is shining,

the sun is smiling.

My hair is blowing in the wind.

It‘s summer.

The flowers are blooming,

people are enjoying their life.

Outside it‘s getting hotter

and my skin starts tingling with the heat.

It‘s summer.

The days are getting longer.

People meet outside in the park

and listen to the singing birds.

(Melisa & Mustakim)


Joy is a light,

that shines in your heart.

As the happiness rises,

the light gets brighter.

The more it shines the happier I am.

The things we enjoy

reflect the outcome

and the sun will shine on it.


Summer is coming

Summer is coming.

The beaches will be full.

New friendships will be made

and I am going to see my family, too.

Outside, it‘s very hot.

Everybody is eating ice-cream. They all have fun

and enjoy their evening.



In summer the air is warm.

I hope this is the way it stays.

It‘s the weather‘s most beautiful form.

This will last for days.


Before Corona…..

Let us talk about the times before Corona came,

Remember, when we used to meet our friends,

our family.

Remember, when we could go out and hug each other. Remember, when we didn‘t have to worry about going out

without a mask.

Remember, the times before Corona came.

Remember our freedom.

Those times, will they come back?

So that we can lead a normal life?

(Romina, Yasmin)


Your gaze has pierced my heart so badly

that now all I want is drown in them.

That‘s my demand, that‘s all I want.

In your eyes there is a special kind of grace,

the only thing that makes my heart race.

When you‘re coming to me there is a special light,

just like a mosque during the darkest light.


Health and wealth

Look at all your wealth,

but then you are not here with us.

Your health was the best thing about you -

but was is important for yourself?

We all admired your strength.

But now you‘re dead.


The reaper

It‘s cold and quiet,

I‘m old and scared,

I can hear the wind,

my heart is beating faster.

It‘s cold and quiet,

it‘s getting darker.

I‘m alone,

I can hear a scratch.

Is he coming?

It‘s cold and quiet.

He stands in front of me

in his black robe.

It‘s the reaper.

He is here to get my soul. My eyes are closing slowly.

It‘s time to say good-bye.



There is darkness in the light.

Death is an unwinnable fight

and coldness flows into the blood.

Days become night. Sad is your past,

but you know it‘s the end

of your broken path.

(Agrin, Mohand)


Death always haunts us in our lives.

A big black hole in which we feel cold and lonely,

Family and friends are not with us in that great darkness.

Pain and sadness waft past, the smell of decay begins.

Death takes us deep underground.

The waterfall of mourning doesn‘t stop.

Our life pulls in and now

decay does the rest.

Nevertheless we remain a part of earth in nature.


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