Interview with Mrs.Hufford

Why did you come to Germany?

I made an exchange in Germany in 2008 when I was in High School and wanted to take the opportunity and work in Germany for a while.

What’s different about German people and the US Americans?

People in the US are a little more open than people here, they call everyone they know a friend, even if they don’t know them so well.

What are your plans for the future?

I am planning to move back to the US and become a teacher there, but I am still in contact with my host family so I will be trying to visit them and my friends here in Germany every now and then.

What do you like about our school? In your opinion, what could we improve?

I like that the campus of this school, the way it’s going from elementary all the way up to high school and it’s nice to have so many different ages together in one school. I also like the way the schedule is organized and that school starts at different times sometimes.

What are the best experiences you’ve made so far?

I really like going hiking in the Black Forest because it’s really beautiful and it looks like the states where I am from so I like to go hiking there and that was a really good experience.

Do you feel homesick sometimes?

Not so often, the only time I felt homesick was around Christmas because Christmas is a very special holiday to spend time with the family. But when I do feel homesick I try to talk and call my family. That is a little difficult to manage because of the time differences. We have a time difference of 9 Hours.

Which cities in Germany have you been to?

They took us on a tour around Germany to Berlin, Dresden, Hannover, Munich, Freiburg, Hamburg and Ulm when I was an exchange student. I would like to go to Eastern Europe like Greece, oh I am also going to Asia for the first time because I will be attending a wedding in the Philippines and will stay for two days in Shanghai as well. I also really want to go to Africa one day, maybe Ghana.

How is the school system in the US?

The school system is completely different, for example we don’t have the different types of schools that students go to. (There is always one type of school: Elementary, Middle School, High School and differently leveled courses within the program of study). One of the big differences is that the American school system isn’t as complicated as the schools here in Germany.

Can you tell us a bit about your meeting with our chancellor Angela Merkel?

The meeting was in January 28th , in Berlin and Angela Merkel was receiving the Fulbright Award for International Understanding which mostly goes to politicians and the first person who received this award was Nelson Mandela. Normally they have this event in the US, but this time they had it in Europe. I had very short conversation with her where we greeted each other. She was really friendly to all of us and complimented everybody´s German. I’d never been so close to a leader of a country before so I was little nervous.

What do the US Americans think about Angie?

Everybody in the US knows about her and most Americans are impressed with her because Germany has been really strong with her as a leader. Everyone who is liberal loves her and thinks she is great for the work she has done so far.

Musti is interviewing Mrs Hufford

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