Halloween is around the corner!

Aktualisiert: 18. Nov. 2020

Halloween is around the corner!

Its coming on  31st October……. But did you know that the actual tradition comes from Europe? Halloween traditions actually comes from 16th-century Ireland, Scotland and England. I personally thought that the Halloween tradition came from America or Canada but it doesn’t.

Halloween is similar to the old ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. It was celebrated because the 1 November ist the end of the summer and it's harvest time which means life and the beginning of  winter which means death.

It  also means that the 31st October was a day for ghosts to return to earth for a day. It is said that the dead try to take possession of the souls from the living humans and try to save a life after  death so they can live an afterlife. That explains why a lot of us are going out for Trick or Treat and

go out and dress up in these spooky clothes. Just to scare the ghosts away.

So if you don‘t want that something like that happens to you ,you‘d better hide or get yourself in a costume to deter the ghosts.

When I was a child I really enjoyed going out and knocking on doors for trick or treat .

I often went as a vampire because even though they seem so scary I liked being one because I knew that they are scary but my favorite costume was when I was

Chucky the killer doll because literally everyone was terrified when they saw me. But they liked it and and I wore it with pride because I tried so hard that the costume looked perfect.

Happy Halloween!!!


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