Divine's Portrait

As you all know we have two IK classes in our school. We don't know much about

what they do or how they learn so we decided to ask them some questions.

This is Divine from IK 2:

Where do you come from?

· I come from Nigeria.

How old were you when you came here?

· I was 15 when I came here. So like one year ago.

Why did you come to Germany?

· My mom transferred here.

How was it before you came here?

· It was pretty good.

How is the atmosphere in this class?

· It‘s very good and its fun.

What subjects do you have in the class?

· The normal subjects and we do hospitations.

What languages do you speak?

· English, a little bit of German and an African language.

What do you speak at home?

· English and my mother tongue.

The students are from a lot of different countries, right? Where for example?

· Arabia, Romania, Serbia and more.

And what languages do they speak?

They speak English, Arabic, Hindi and more.

By Leroy and Julilla

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