Die französischen Austauschschüler - ein Interview

Hello folks,

as you probably know, we had 19 French exchange students here at our school in the week before the fall vacations, so we took the opportunity and made an interview with two of them...

P.S. Ms Mueller, the French teacher, helped us with the translation – merci ;-)

Kate: Hi guys, I´m Kate and this is Menat. We are two students of our school’s Blog course and would like to ask you some questions. Do you have time for an interview?

The French boys: Yes, why not.

Kate: Perfect! First of all what is your name?

The French boys: Our Names are Dilal and Abdallah.

Kate: How old are you?

Dilal: I´m 12 years old.

Abdallah: I´m 11 years old.

Kate: Oh, and do you like it here in Germany?

Both: Yeah Frankfurt is very beautiful.

Ms Mueller: What do you like here in Frankfurt?

Ms Mueller: They really liked the Christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt)…


Kate: What is the village/ city called you live in France?

Both: Marseille. It´s a city.

Image by DEZALB from Pixabay

Kate: And what sights can you visit in Marseille?

Dilal: The Sea!

Ms Müller: There is something like Dippemess from April to September and there is a fair from September till the end of December, which is another point of interest for tourists too. And the Stadium of course.

Image by Pablo Valerio from Pixabay

Kate: Are you originally from France?

Dilal: I was born in France but my parents are from Algeria.

Abdallah: I was born in Northern France and my parents are from Algeria too.

Kate: What is your favourite subject in France and here in Germany?

Abdallah: In France math is my favourite subject, but here I like the music classes a lot.

Dilal: I like the French and math classes in France and the Art classes here in Germany a lot. I like the German classes in France much more because the teachers are doing them more playful there.

Kate: In which grade are you in France?

Ms Mueller: Well, they are counting the school years the other way round; they would be in the 6th or 7th grade here in Germany.

Kate: Do you understand a lot of German? In addition, do you like this language?

Mrs Mueller: Both like this language a lot, they understand the basics.

Kate: How is the French school system? Which system do you like the most?

Abdallah: The French school system is much stricter; there it is like the military.

Dilal: That is right, if you ever make just one little mistake there will be consequences and it can even ruin your whole school career.

Kate: Oh, then the German system is much easier right? (Laughter)

How many languages do you speak?

Abdallah: I speak four. French, German, Arabic and English.

Dilal: I speak seven. French, German, Spanish, Algerian, English, Italian and a little Chinese.

Kate: Wow, that’s a lot.

Merci pour l´entrevue!

Yours Kate and Menat

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